December 04, 2017

SEO #5 - Google Webmaster Tools also known as Google Search Console

You might feel you are challenging yourself when you get started with Google Webmaster Tools (GWMT) for first time. But there's nothing wrong with you. How are you getting along with GWMT, after being through the series so far? I hope you have got some understanding about it right now. Especially about what is it capable of.

We have been addressing different sorts of settings and tools available in GWMT, that might help you to improve visibility for your site specific content in Google search. In addition, they help you to improve the user experience too. Were you able to make use of them or still they are trying to strangle you?

REMINDER: This Blog is the final part of the series SEO#


Would you like to know about upcoming features of GWMT? Features listed below Labs are experimental Webmaster features and they can be the ones you can count on. However features under Labs are bound to change in anytime. May be added to GWMT later on or else will be removed permanently with the help of user feedback.

I'm not gonna talk in detail about these features, as I already have older posts related to some features we gonna discuss here. Hence, this post will be shorter than previous posts. But I'm walking you through the features available under Labs right now.

Author Stats

Do you have Google authorship implemented for your authored content? Author stats reflects statistics for your content verified with Google authorship and simply you can find number of impressions and clicks occurred for each URL in Google search.

If you would like to know which content of yours got most attention on Google search and what else searchers were interested in, you can find answers to your questions easily by exploring the statistics. How interesting!

Custom Search

If you don't have a search functionality for your site, Google Custom Search allows you to create your own search engine and implement it on your blog or website for visitors to search within your site.

Search using the preview search bar under Preview heading and you can see yourself how it performs.

Instant Previews

Do you remember Google showing preview of pages listed in Google search results when you hover your mouse pointer over a result?

It was called Instant Preview. Here you can generate snapshots for pages which displayed as instant previews and see if they match with your live pages. It helps you to find if Google is displaying pages incorrectly in instant preview.

But due to low usage of Instant Preview feature, Google dropped it lately and you can find instant previews are no longer available on Google search.

Site Performance

Site performance is another helpful feature which analyzes your site and report loading time for your blog or website.

Unfortunately, it's no longer supported on GWMT. Instead, you can use Google PageSpeed to analyze and find how you can improve overall site performance.

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