December 23, 2017

How to Find Social Media Websites Password through Password Management in the Browser

It's not a complicated thing to forget your password for Social media websites. In the security sense, you may want to change your Instagram password several times during the month, but when you change the password several times consecutively, you might forget your new password

If you forget your password, you can return the mobile number, email address and even the username of the password from PM in browser

But people like me, who manage the Instagram via the laptop and browser, can easily get help from their browser while forgetting the password and recall the password.

This method is not only for instagram but for all the websites which requires credentials to login to the page

This training is suitable for people who have entered Social media websites at least once, through a browser such as Chrome, Firefox or any browser, and have checked their page.


If you have already retrieved your password, we recommend that you login to your account once per browser so that you can take advantage of the browser's password management section when needed.

So Now Let's Go for Today's Training:

Here i'am going to take an example of Instagram website to find the saved password from the browser (I use the Chrome browser):

Look at the right and the top of the browser and click on three points in vertical:

As you can see, by clicking this option you can access the options that you can manage through your browser. In this section, click Settings. You will be moved to the settings page with various options as shown in the below image

In the box above, type the password to display the page as shown below. Here we only work with the passwords and form section. Click the "manage password" button to enter password and password management in Chrome:

Now you are in the Manage passwords page. Below you can see the list of sites, their username and password. In fact, if you have entered the site through this browser, your password and username will be fully preserved.

As i have taken an example of Instagram, you need to type Instagram in front of the Manage passwords in the search section to show the password management program, if any:

As shown in the image above, the Instagram link is displayed. Below the password section, black dots appear, which means your password is protected and hidden from the public in the first step. If you want to see it, just click on the eye icon.

This will cause the password to be found and copy it and hold it somewhere.

You can also clear the password to be safe from others' access, but my recommendation is to personalize your system, so that you can be safe from others access as you can see in the below image when you click on the eye icon it asks for your windows system password to access your saved password from browser

This way, you can retrieve your password, not only for the Instagram, but for any web site that is encrypted.

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