December 01, 2017

How to Disable Auto-play Videos in Facebook

Could you recollect discussing about embedding YouTube videos? Yes, we did. One of the features it offers is, enabling auto-play of videos. If auto-play is turned on, the reader / visitor doesn't need to click play button to start the video. Instead, as soon as the page loads, the video or playlist starts playing automatically. Sounds annoying. Isn't it? But it has a few uses too. Hmm... There's a time and place.

Facebook's Auto-play Videos

Last year, Facebook announced their take on Premium Video Ads, which is favorable to their advertising partners. As they stated,

"Premium Video Ads are designed for advertisers who want to reach a large audience with high-quality sight, sound and motion. Each 15-second video ad will start playing without sound as it appears on screen and stop if people scroll past. If people tap the video, it will expand into a full-screen view and sound will start."

Facebook is focused on delivering business opportunities through their platform. If you use Facebook as a marketing tool, you might wanna take a look at it. It increases the engagement for videos too. BUT... What about the distraction? Auto-playing videos on newsfeed?!

I don't know what's got into their heads, but it sounds annoying for me. May be, I'm easily distracted. How about you? It might boost views for videos (though users didn't really wanted to watch it) and make their advertising partners blushing.

It's Here

In this part of the World, Facebook takes some time to roll out their new updates. Hence the Facebook experience was pleasant until last week. Then, I logged into my Facebook account and videos on the newsfeed started dancing.

Facebook is thoughtful in a way as it stops playing videos as you scroll past them. Yet if you are like me, you may find it extremely annoying. Honestly, I can't even take a flashing banner. Once I noticed the first occurrence of auto-playing video on my Facebook newsfeed, I couldn't wait to find a way to make it stop.

The good news is, Facebook offers a way to turn off auto-playing videos on newsfeed. Still couldn't figure out how to turn off auto-playing videos on your newsfeed? It's easy! Let me walk you through the steps.


1. Log in to your Facebook account.

2. Navigate to Facebook Settings.

3. Jump to Videos setting from left pane.

4. Now set Off for the Auto-Play Videos option.

Note: As Facebook noted, this option only applies when you using Facebook on your computer. If you need to disable auto-playing videos on your Facebook app, you have to update your Facebook app to a newer version which has the option to disable autoplay videos and disable it via the app.

Enjoy :-)

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