December 01, 2017

How to Get Your Own Custom URL in Google+ Page

Do you have any preferences over URLs and how they are presented? Not every web address counts. But how about when it comes to your personal or business profiles / accounts online? Mmm... What if you were given an easy to recognize, memorize and kind of self-explanatory URL for your own profiles / accounts?

Take a quick look and decide yourself which is most appropriate URL structure for you.

URL #1:

URL #2:

What URL you would acclaim with the adoration? ;) Is it the first one with random numbers that doesn't makes sense, which you might feel like someone familiar with cryptography just made it for you? Or is it the one with plain English that even your grandma can spell? May be I know what you think right now ;)

Gibberish vs Plain English

URL #1 has gibberish. Don't you think? Eventhough I denoted senseless URL structure as gibberish, it isn't for the developers behind the platform. Remember, the gibberish we find in URLs aren't meaningless and they could be important identifiers.

But users may not find it convenient at all. They are fond of embracing an URL which is easily memorized. So, they can share away whenever someone asks for it. You do love personalization. Don't you?

If you take a look at popular social networks, most of them allow users to have a customized URL denoting their preferable usernames. In Facebook, you can claim your favorite username for your profile or business page to be appended at the end of URL. Twitter allows you to select available username too.

AND Google+

AND Google+, allowing their users to have custom / personalized URLs too. I may quite late to bring this news in, and probably you might have had it set up already too. I know, my friends did. However, allow me to take you through and help folks who couldn't made it yet.

When it comes to custom URLs, unlike in other social networks, Google+ wasn't counting on freedom of choice though. You can have a custom URL, but you can't vouch on which one you need to have. It's just a bit of disappointment. Still, you can change the capitalization or accent of your URL though.

You might recall that Google+ was always strict on using real name on profiles too. I think same goes in here and probably, they wanna assure you don't take someone else's name appended in your custom URL, and need to keep it in a professional way.

You can easily claim custom URLs for your Google+ profile or page. Both follows the same procedure, but there are few eligibility requirements your profile or business page need to fulfill.

Google+ Profile Checklist

● Your Google+ account should be older than 30 days.

● You must have a profile photo set up.

● You need to have at least 10, or more followers.

Google+ Page Checklist

● Make sure you have enabled Google+ Direct Connect for your business page.

● If your page represents a local business, it needs to be verified on Google+. Check Google+ Dashboard for verification options.

If you have fulfilled above mentioned prerequisites for your Google+ profile or page, you are eligible for the custom URLs. Else, once your Google+ profile or page meets the requirements, you will find a notification on your Google+ profile or page claiming you are eligible.

Now, let's have a look what you need to be done once you are eligible for the custom URL.

Before You Go:

Note that your custom URL will be based on your name specified in your Google+ profile or page. If you intend to change the name on your profile or page, make sure to do it before you set up the custom URL.


1. Go to your Google+ profile or business page.

2. Navigate to About tab and scroll down until you find Links box.

3. If you are eligible for a custom URL, you will find Get URL link under Google+ URL section along with the suggested custom URL for your Google+ profile / page.

4. Click on Get URL link.

5. Now you will see a pop up box to set suggested vanity URL as your custom URL. If you prefer to have suggested URL, tick on I agree to the Terms of Service check box and click Change URL.

If you don't like the suggested URL and prefer something else, you can click Now now.

6. Now, you may be asked to verify your account via a text message. If prompted, just follow the instructions and verify it.

7. Again, you will get a confirmation box with the suggested Google+ custom URL mentioned. Click Confirm choice button to have it from now on.

More Information:

* You can't change your custom URL to something else afterwards, and no one will be able to claim it until you use it either.

* If you need, you can change the display format (capitalization or accent) of your custom URL even after the confirmation. Just click Edit link you find bottom of the Links section, and change it the way you need.

For example, my pre-approved name for Google+ page was Crackonet (Notice the "e" after "N"), but then I changed it to CrackoNet.

* In case if you changed the name on your profile or page after claiming custom URL, you will have to claim a new custom URL relevant for your new name. Probably, Google+ will notify you about it.

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